Who We Are - SheroHub LLC
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Who We Are

Ailsa Gilliam Founder & CEO, SheroHub LLC

About SheroHub

SheroHub, founded by Ailsa Gilliam in July 2018, is a women’s empowerment hub featuring educational video games and other technology solutions to effect positive social transformation around the prevention of, and response to domestic violence.


About the Founder:

Ailsa Gilliam is an entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging technology to combat domestic violence and foster women’s empowerment. A prior technology executive, this Harvard Master’s candidate is a 20-year veteran of commodities and investment banking. As a domestic violence survivor, she has a strong drive to further the UN Sustainable Development Goal #5, “eliminating all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private spheres”. Leveraging her corporate technology expertise, she creates video games and eLearning that provide the player with strategies for safety and freedom from abuse, raising awareness of the subtleties of domestic violence.


An avid advocate for domestic violence survivors, Ailsa has delivered in-house training sessions for Court Mental Health Depts, delivered Empowerment seminars for WJCS, and has been the keynote speaker for podcast launches and gala’s. She has successfully executed lobbying campaigns for legislative transformation to address domestic violence on a federal level. She provides consulting expertise on Domestic Violence policies for religious institutions.


A British expat and New York resident, Ailsa is grateful to be Mom to four amazing visionaries, step-Grandma to two cherubs, blessed with a perfect pup and two crazy chicks. Ailsa’s philosophy for life is: “Work wisely and with integrity, play with zeal, pick your battles, eat well, and sleep like a log!”