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SheroHub – The Game

Introducing SheroHub, the game. Using the powerful medium of innovative game-based technology to disseminate awareness of the warning signs of abusive relationships, SheroHub promotes healthy interaction. SheroHub, the game, is prototyped in three versions:

  • For 13-18 year olds in English, French and Spanish
  • In Haitian Kreyol for adults
  • For Veterans

SheroHub – Consulting Services

From Churches and Police Departments to political lobbying campaigns, public speaking events and coaching; SheroHub helps you create your response to Domestic Violence to protect and empower those who need the help!

SheroHub – Public Speaking & Coaching

Book Ailsa for engaging and motivational public speaking events and coaching.

SheroHub – Lobbying System

One in four women in the US experience domestic violence. More than 50% of the US population is female. If we lobby together, we can change laws to ensure our protection from domestic violence! Sign-up today for our newsletter to get notified when our Lobbying System is available… COMING SOON!!!


Ailsa Gilliam started SheroHub LLC in early 2018 to develop a video game for teens to equip them with the skills & insights to identify healthy and unhealthy relationship dynamics; a preventative solution to domestic violence. The demand for the video game snowballed into multiple versions for different population groups and policy and process consulting and more technology tools to empower domestic violence survivors.


Ailsa’s personal survival story from domestic violence propels her to create innovative solutions to fight against relationship abuse. Her dream is for girls and women to live violence-free lives.